Sales on Fridays Hay at 11:00am and Livestock at 12:00pm

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Nebraska Livestock auction
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Early Consignments 11-17-17
Bred Hfrs & 2nd Calf

54-Red Ang Bred Hfrs 34-Hd AI’d To Gosey Rd Ang(clf 2-25)(20-Hd Bull Bred Gosey Rd Ang(clf 3-8 For 50-Days)Gosey
12-Red & Blk Bred Hfrs(clf 2-21 For 60 Days)Unl
20-Blk,Bwf & Red(2nd Calvers) Bred Blk Ang Sons Final Answer & Kline Red Angus Bulls(clf 4-1 For 60 Days)Advance Ag
Bred Cows

65-Blk,Bwf & Red,Rwf X Cows (Yng to BM) Bred Rwf(clf 12-1 to 7-1(Complete Dispersal)
45-Blk & Bwf X Cows (Yng to BM) Bred Keyes Blk Ang & Hollman Blk Ang(Start clf 3-1)Hass
30-Blk & Red Cows (2nd clf to Bm) Blk Cows Bred Blk Red Cows Bred Red(AI’d 5-26 Cleaned up 5-31 For 51 Days)Unl
15-Red X Cows (2nd clf to Bm) Bred Red(clf 3-25 For 60 Days)
12-Blk & Bwf Cows (2nd clf to SM) Bred Rwf(clf 3-1 For 60-Days)Sudik
7-Blk/SimX Cows (SM) Bred Sim/Angus Bull)(clf 1-15 For 75 Days)Sabata

5-10 Cow Calf Familys (Yng to BM)
Feeder Cattle

30-Blk X Strs & Hfrs 500-700# Wnd Spring Fall Vac
23-Blk & Bwf Strs & Hfrs 450-650# Wnd Fall Vac
10-Blk Strs 800-900#
More By Sale Time
Nebraska Livestock auction